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Extensively India

Extensively India

India is home to one of the early civilizations

Has a continuous history

7th largest country in the world

Has Himalayas as its border in the north and the three seas in the south

Talk on the diversity

One of the least explored nation as a tourist destination

Has something for everyone – (talk in detail about the places in India)

river rafting, trekking for adventure seekers

churches, temples, mosques for the pious

architectural towns for the heritage lovers

Adventure seekers

– Talk about rafting in Ganges, para gliding in Maharastra

– talk about the road trips, trekking in Himalayas

– Goa


– Temples in Uttar Pradesh and other places

– Churches in Goa

– Mosques in Hyderabad, Delhi


– Mahabalipuram

– Jaipur

Nature lovers

– Kerala

– Darjeeling


– Kolkata

– Tradition, culture of Northeast