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Honeymoon Packages

Honeymoon Packages

After the frenzy and enjoyment of your wedding, the finishing touch comes with your honeymoon. How do we honeymoon? What way? Where? How long? Whom do we contact? are the general questions that may arise when you plan for honeymoon.

But not all honeymoons are the same. You could plan to execute your honeymoon in a different situation. Check out our suggestions on different types of honeymoons that you could plan for. Be it a romantic island, a cultural city or a cruise. You could opt for your honeymoon based on your office commitment, Business needs or the Family situation.  You might need to plan or to postpone you honeymoon based on the time you have. Here we’ve got honeymoons to suit every mood and situation


Immediate Honeymoon

This is the traditional idea of a honeymoon. Where you change from the ceremony having left the reception for your guests to enjoy and you are seen off by family, friends and well-wishers. “Continuity of momentum” is a very strong element in this type of honeymoon. The magical journey just kicks off when you both are enjoying new and exciting experiences together, making memories as a new couple and getting used to travelling and interacting with each other more.

Weekend Honeymoon

A weekend style honeymoon is very convenient for merging the best of both worlds apart from one exception, “your time will be short”.  However you can still experience that special time together while being able to fit in with work or any other obligations which might prevent you from taking a longer time. Weekends away can still be within your budget by our offers which is a great plus for those who are on a budget or anyone in general considering the money that was already spent on the wedding. As it is just for the weekend you will have to decide very carefully between you as to the location. If the reason you chose a weekend was because of work or other obligations, you might not want to travel too far from home. We have suggestions based on research beforehand to see what is available within a suitable radius of your residence.

Double Honeymoon

It may be couples who get married at same time, so a couple may decide to invite another couple to join them on their honeymoon trip. Couples who go on a double honeymoon are usually very good friends with the other couple or are family. A double honeymoon can be very exciting if you are the adventurous type and as the accommodation will be separate, you will still get alone time together.

Family Honeymoon

In very special circumstances, a couple may decide to bring the family members with them on their honeymoon. This situation may arise due to various personal situation. Traditionally the honeymoon is a time for a newly-wed couple to be alone. Having a situation to plan for a honeymoon with family members, we can still give you a plan where you can still find lonely time to spend with your spouse.

Delayed Honeymoon

For whatever reason, be it work, commitments, pre-arranged duties or just because you want to, some couples choose to postpone their honeymoon for a decided length of time. This can work to your advantage allowing you to rest and recuperate after the hectic time you had during your wedding ceremony. The extra time also allows you to make better arrangements because your focus will be solely on your honeymoon and not your wedding and honeymoon together. Most importantly you will have had a little time to catch yourself financially and maybe utilise any monetary gifts which could help towards the honeymoon if you so decide.

Customized Honeymoon

This is arranged between you and your travel agent on a more personal, customized level, including cruises as well as flights and hotel accommodation. The main thing to remember when opting for this kind of honeymoon is that the further away you decide to go, the more days you should allocate. More is your time and budget, longer duration your honeymoon could be.