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About Us

We’re truly dedicated to make your travel experience as much simple and fun as possible!

How eager and excited we become when we think of a vacation or a trip with our loved ones? You always fascinate to have a hassle free, pleasant, and enjoyable and a fun filled trip ahead. When you have all these ingredients you trip become the most memorable one in life.

How many of us have really executed what we wanted to do in a trip? Not many. Most of us have ended compromising something or the other.

We, Tourotour are really cared about your priorities while planning for your trip. In the end you will be doing what you are intending to do rather than planning your trip as per the plan we share.
Having a motto of making you contact us again for your next travel plan, we will provide an itinerary that will best suit your trip priorities, with cost breakup of all the services that you would like to avail from us.



Our Core Values

Deserves a Selfie

We only take a selfie when we are happy and enjoy a pleasant moment or higher. With a tagline like “Deserves a Selfie”, Tourotour inspires to provide only the best travel assistance for our travel partners. Yes, we do not call them customers or clients since we earnestly believe that customers have an equal share of researching and what beats being able to serve an intelligent customer. Of course, it drives us to stay competitive and provide only the best service at an attractive price.

Our company does not believe in saying ‘yes’ and falling short of the expected quality. If we commit, we deliver just because we have an organizational philosophy which demands that “we commit only when we are sure we can deliver”

We are in this business for spreading smiles. P.S. Profits are a major factor too. I hope my boss is not looking when I say this classified information to you! Or is it really classified information? Anyways, let this be a secret between us.

Always Connected

We stay connected with our partners (customers – remember we call them so!). You could have met your own share of businesses that leave you hanging, the moment that they obtain your business. It is not so with us and we welcome queries and questions that you are unsure with or when some of the vehicles or hotels serve you with sub-par quality (Well, a very few of them have the tendency to be deviant but rest assured we can take them to task with your help)

In addition to communication initiated by you, we also contact you when you travel and assure you that everything’s going according to your plan. We leave no stones unturned to make sure that your travel is pleasant and delightful (treat you like royalty – of course that’s our objective and in all honesty we do achieve it in most aspects, excuse us for our complacency in a few, we promise we will work on that) and you refer us others to do business with. This is our business promise to you: we will contact you during your travel and after your travel, unless you are sure you are best left alone. We so do not want to be a pesky and nosy business.

Satisfied Customers

Our customers are genuinely satisfied with our services. We are not asking you to believe us since it will be an insult to your intelligence as businesses are prone to manipulate reviews and even buy them. We ask you to try us and make up your own mind. Definitely, it is not what was taught in business class; which taught us to influence your peers and use cognitive techniques to influence you into buying; persuade so that we can sell. Rather, we believe in honesty (hey, nothing beats it) and we believe our honest model of business. Yes, we could be flashy but we do not want to be a dime and dollar company that is too garrish for its own good.

Give us a try and become one of our valuable partners who return to us for our services!